Where is Olivia Pope When You Need Her?

Displaying 1312675846987932.jpgYou ever wake up and wonder, “What happened?” The world was so blissful, things were good, and suddenly, there is a derailment. Our journey is filled with hills, valleys, and roadblocks. Organizations and the people that comprise them will experience a variety of successes and failures along the way. The key to getting to the finish line is choosing the right attitude!
When things get tough, you can look inward or outward; you can look forward or behind; you can speak positively or negatively, or you can retreat or learn. The teachable moments that come into our lives should be used to course correct our thinking, planning, and evaluate our underlying assumptions. Most success stories are the culmination of many failures, restarts, or reboots. A process of refining early ideas and correcting mistakes. So if you find yourself or your organization in the midst of a derailment (and Olivia is not available), remember this:

Choose to have a positive attitude
This does not mean you do not plan, prepare, and address, it simply means, that you will not walk with a defeated attitude and know that things will get better.

Know that tomorrow could be the best day of your life
While a storm is passing over; we rarely focus on the sunshine that will follow, as we worry about the possible damage from the storm. Let the promise of tomorrow be stronger than the fear of today.

Do not keep stumbling over things behind you
Once you have moved on – keep moving. Do not allow people, circumstances, or events to keep you stumbling over things left behind.

Use your derailment to improve
While you are in the midst of a derailment, it may be difficult to engage in self-reflection. However, as time permits, take some time to examine the policies, procedures, values, or judgments that contributed to the situation. An honest assessment should provide actionable items for continued growth and improvement.

Nobody said it would be easy
Easy does not build strength, patience, or endurance! As much as we would like things to be easy, the victory is so much sweeter when you work for it!