How to maximize the value of your mentoring session – Business Monday –

How to maximize the value of your mentoring session – Business Monday –

This article has some great tips for those who have the benefit of a mentor.


Book Review: Coach Yourself to a New Career

This month, in honor of Women’s History Month, I led several workshops focused on career development and enhancement.  As I do with most of my workshops, I provided the attendees with a copy of a book for a takeaway.  This month, I shared the book “Coach Yourself to a New Career.”  Please note that I have no financial interest in this book and have no personal relationship with the author.

The book provides great advice and helpful examples on rejuvenating your professional career.  The book features a seven-step approach to career reinvention and practical advice for a smooth transition.  Throughout the book, the reader is provided with examples and stories that will inspire and motivate. 

There are lots of worksheets and exercises to keep the reader engaged and assist with identifying  your needs and strengths.   The author, Talane Miedaner, also includes exercises on identifying your values.  I am a believer that you need to understand your values before you can move forward in your life, personal or professional.  It is however, surprising how many people don’t know their values!  Additinal information about the author can be found at

I encourage you to spend some time with this book and discover how you can upgrade your career.  It’s an engaging and useful read.

National Mentoring Month

One of my all time favorite mentoring movies is The Matrix.  In the Matrix, Morpheus mentors Neo into becoming “The One.”  First, Morpheus has Neo to select the blue pill or the red pill, after he explains that he is offering the truth and nothing more.  Once Neo makes the decision, Morpheus begins the process of helping him identify his strengths and weaknesses.  He pushes Neo to challenge his assumptions and thought patterns that might be holding him back.  He allows him to make mistakes and realize the consequences, so that he can learn and grow.  The moment in the subway when Neo begins to believe is what mentoring is about.  The moment when the mentee takes all they have learned and apply it in a manner that allows them to reach their full potential.  This is a great mentoring movie and I use it often in my mentoring training sessions.  I encourage you to watch the movie again, this time, from a mentoring perspective.

Much like Neo, I owe much of my success to a great cast of mentors who have taken their time to invest in my growth and development, both professionally and personally.  During National Mentoring Month, I encourage you to seek out a mentor if you do not have one, thank your mentor, if you do, and be a mentor, if you are not! 

Thank you to my “personal board of directors,” for all your time and wisdom.  I trust that I have honored your time by continuing to try to be the best me I can be.

Some of my favorite mentoring books:

 Mentoring 101 – John Maxwell 

The Mentor Leader – Tony Dungy

Teach What You Know – Steve Trautman

The Missing Mentor: Women Advising Women – Mary E. Stutts