Diversity in Project Teams: How Diverse is Your Project Team?

Diversity leads to innovation..good blog post.

Look around you and within the project teams in your organization. How diverse are they? Are you an individual who knows how to interact effectively with individuals who do not look like you, think like you, act like you, and possibly do not speak like you. Diversity makes the world go around, and everyone’s differences can make up a powerful project team. No one person has all of the answers, nor can he/she move mountains. A team that builds upon individual strengths and weaknesses  generally comes out on top.  So often, some people can’t relate to individuals who are not like them, and that’s unfortunate. I embrace differences in individuals. I love learning about other cultures and experiencing how other cultures may do things. No one way is always the right way. It’s always a plus to embrace differences, and stay open to change. We as individuals grow when we…

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