Its Not All About You! |

This is a link to mmclarke’s blog out of Jacksonville, Florida who apparently has had enough of the City of Jacksonville’s religious arrogance (his view not mine.) 

I share this post because it highlights the difficult issue of religious freedom/expression in the workplace (one the trending issues for D & I professionals.)  I had a conversation with a colleague this week who was asked to apologize to a subordinate by the legal office because she reminded the employee that saying Merry Christmas in her emails may be deemed offensive to others.  The employee took exception and contacted several religious rights groups and the organization asked the manager to apologize.  (The religious rights group defended the manager’s right to provide the instruction to the employee.) The manager was a bit confused as she thought she was trying to promote an inclusive work environment that respected the religious views of the entire group. 

Organizations need to focus on this delicate issue and develop policy on how to create an environment that supports religious expression while protecting the rights of others, even those who don’ t believe in anything.

Its Not All About You! |

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